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Getting Through the Tough Times

Overcoming hardships to achieve positive business transformation is nothing new for the Impact team. Since going into business in 1999, the company has been met with its share of obstacles, but due to our hard working employees and a positive, driven culture, we’ve continued to grow into a thriving managed service provider. CEO Frank Cucco and President Dan Meyer reflect back on hard times including the Great Recession of 2008, and share how Impact got through them all.

Video Transcript

I would describe the beginning years as quite stressful and rocky. I mean, there were a lot of challenges in the beginning, us being sued by our former employers on the, losing substantial amounts of money that almost put us out of business. That kind of left us scrambling just to become sustainable. 

We were at one of the lowest moments was definitely was during the great recession that began in 2008. Didn’t really hit us hard until 2010. You couldn’t get finance for anything at that time. But just like anything else, the way you get through it is persistence. We struggled our way through it, came out the other side of better company, more disciplined company. It’s just a matter of belief, persistence, like anything else working, whatever your circumstances, if you always are working toward your dream, even those challenges become minor.