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Festa Italiana 2021

For the last three years, Impact Networking has been one of the sponsors for the Festa Italiana cultural festival in Indiana.

The event has games, contests, music, food, and a lot more, all in celebration of Indiana’s Italian community.

Impact Networking has a long history of sponsoring community events as part of our efforts to be closer to the communities we serve.

It’s important for us to show our clients the commitments we have to the areas we operate in, and Indiana is no exception.


Watch the video to get an understanding of what Festa Italiana is and why Impact is proud to be a sponsor of the event.

Video transcript

So, we’re actually an Italian club, we

manage and run Villa Cesare the banquet hall here.

In 2017, I brought it up. Hey, let’s,

let’s do an Italian fest. After some hard thought

we got together, we put it on and uh,

our first year was a success and we’ve been growing since then. I

wanted to dig deep in my roots and try to collaborate

with other Italians in the area of restaurants, sponsors

and try to make this event so I can learn

more about my culture, but also celebrate it. Some

cool events that we have a spaghetti eating contest.

We have a grape stopping contest. I tell people

to imagine if they’ve seen the I Love Lucy where she’s stopping

that big barrel. Throughout the day we have Italian and

Italian-American music

and at night to keep people here and, and uh,

and interested, we have just local bands to keep the

night going. We keep this event free,

so we rely heavily on our sponsors

and Impact was our presenting sponsor, so we thank

them very much. We use them here at our

facility, but also we know the CEO

is Italian, so he wants to keep it into his roots and

we’re just very happy to be a good partnership with them.