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ES99 Expands to West Coast

To keep up with increasing demand for digital marketing services, ES99 has joined the Impact Networking‘s West Coast expansion with the ES99 LA office.

Video Transcript: ES99 LA Expansion

ES99 is expanding to the West Coast!

The ES99 expansion came about because we knew that, in order for us to adhere to our go to market strategy of having a local, dedicated team presence, we would need to extend that same principle to ES99.

We always knew when California was announced that we would need to scale out to have a presence here. It just took us the right amount of time to be able to identify the right people and process in order to make that happen, and we’re thrilled to bring ES99 to the West Coast.

The current structure of the ES99 team in the Midwest will be mimicked here on the West Coast, but starting out with a little bit of a smaller team. ES99 as it stands has about 70 employees based out of the Midwest, and we will have a replication of key individuals and teams for every core principle within ES99. Strategy, research, creative, accountant, project management–we have leads from the Midwest offices that are going to be coming out here to lead up and grow their teams.

So, although it will be smaller starting out, we will eventually have full-fledged teams that will mimic what we have in the Midwest.