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Chicago Cubs Clinic

The Impact team, as a sponsor of the Chicago Cubs, gave some of our top clients a truly unique experience at Wrigley Field. The Cubs Clinic included a ballpark tour, field time, interactions with players, and plenty of fun shared between customers and their families.

Video Transcript

We invited the top 75 customers, reps, and prospects to come out and enjoy Wrigley Field and the unique experience to play some ball on the field, catch some fly balls, get some batting practice. We’re going to do a tour. The Impact one we did today, we do private ones where they do the part of the game day experience and stuff. We do them from the start of the season to the end of the season. There’s a number of sponsors for Cubs baseball, so I think just keeping the relationship between the Cubs and those sponsors happy and healthy.

I can’t wait to go on the field. I can cross that off the bucket list, going on the field, what about being with your papa? We’re getting a tour I know that, and then we get on the field, we get to roam around, there’s gonna be pitching, baseball, anything throwing.

We were invited to come out and go to Wrigley Field and enjoy a day on the field playing some baseball. They’re doing batting practice. Um, you can run out in the field, you catch fly balls or get hit by him. Which would be me if I was out there. 

My favorite part was hitting it out of the park at the batting practice to get out on the field after 59 years of waiting for this moment was exceptional. I mean, it’s just like visiting Nirvana right now to the coaches. Put on some hitting practice and some feeling practice. So, we’re able to kind of run around and do whatever we wanted. A fielded hit, the ball caught the ball, almost got hit by the ball. And that’s all that and more. I’m having a blast. Thank you. In fact, thank you, Impact. You’re the man. Thank you very much ragging me out here.