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Chicago Cubs Clinic 2021

As an official corporate sponsor of the Chicago Cubs, Impact has the opportunity to invite some of our clients and prospects to Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs.

Not only does this give us a chance to solidify our longstanding partnership with the Cubs, but also to form closer and more meaningful relationships with our clients—who of course are welcomed to throw a pitch or two on the field.

Impact Networking has built a strong reputation over our two decades of existence for building connections with businesses at the local level.

And we don’t say this lightly—we pride ourselves on our ability to service organizations quickly and effectively; as demonstrated by our sub three-hour average response time and industry-leading NPS score.

We believe that these aspects of our service are critical to the success of Impact Networking, and it’s why we insist on having a strong local infrastructure base for the territories we operate in and the businesses we serve.

As part of this, it’s important for us to maintain and build on our relationships with our clients, and it’s events like the Cubs Clinic—available to us because we are an official corporate sponsor of the Chicago Cubs—that allows us to do so.

Watch this video to see how the event went and how we at Impact like to treat our customers and prospects.

Video transcript

 There’s a high drive deep right center way

back. The Cubs!

Be a nice day, great opportunity to get out

and enjoy Wrigley Field without all

the business that goes along with it.

Exactly. And I can work on my fielding

and throwing skills too.


Just getting out of the office is nice. I’ve lived

in this neighborhood for almost 30 years

now and I’ve never actually walked out of the ballpark field.

It’s really exciting to bring

in a new group of prospects

and customers and be able to share their experience.


The best thing is watching the kids out here. I

was a little kid that would be like the greatest thing in the world,

the tour that we’re gonna do afterwards, that’s

going to be amazing. And the history here is just

amazing to think of all the different players that have been

here. Yeah, once in a lifetime opportunity

is not that many people that say they got to go

out play catch or field grounders

or knock the ball around at Wrigley field.