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Highlight Video: Impact’s March 2022 All Company Meeting

Impact’s employees came together at Navy Pier in Chicago for another live All Company Meeting in March 2022! With awards, prizes, speeches, surprise announcements, and more, there were no shortage of highlights from the event. Check out just a few of them in the video below. 

What Happens at the All Company Meetings? 

The All Company Meetings aren’t just for fun — although they are always a blast! They’re also an opportunity for department leaders to share what they’re doing with the rest of the company, and for company leaders to talk about the future of Impact.  

In addition to speakers from within the company, there was also a keynote address by motivational speaker Ryan Avery, an announcement about Impact’s newest partner, and a raffle with some fabulous prizes, including two year-long leases to luxury Corvettes! Plus, employees got the rare opportunity to hang out with colleagues from all across the country. 

A Culture of Appreciation 

One of our favorite highlights of the March 2022 All Company Meeting was the annual awards being given. Impact believes in regularly showing appreciation for the hard work that employees do, and celebrating some of our best in front of the entire company is just one of the ways we do that. 

Beyond awards, Impact also offers an annual all-company trip to Mexico, additional incentive and bonus trips for high-performing employees, ongoing training for people who want to grow in their roles, and more! We don’t keep our thanks to standout events like the March 2022 All Company Meeting. Impact shows its appreciation all year long. 

Learn more about Impact’s upcoming external events! Both online and in person, we have plenty of exciting, educational opportunities coming up soon.