Infographic: Timeline of a Zero-Day Exploit

A zero-day exploit is the biggest cybersecurity threat to your business. Take a look at what the timeline looks like for one of these attacks.

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May 21, 2020

The increase in volume of these cyberattacks has a lot of people asking exactly what is a zero-day exploit?

A zero-day exploit is very simply a software exploit that has been found by cybercriminals, but not by developers.

So long as the exploit goes unnoticed, hackers will take advantage of it until it’s discovered and patched—this is the cyberattacking equivalent of striking while the iron’s hot.

The frequency with which these attacks are targeting businesses should be a concern to all decision makers.

According to a Ponemon Institute report, 76% of successful attacks on organization endpoints were zero-day exploit attacks

When you factor in how endpoints in particular are more often than not on the receiving end of these attacks, and further factor for the proliferation of endpoints within businesses, you have a recipe for disaster.

Multi-layered security in business is crucial in 2020: take a look at our infographic below to get an understanding of what the timeline for a zero-day attack looks like and why you might want to look into your protections right away.

Infographic Timeline of a zero-day exploit

In light of recent events, many organizations have found themselves playing catchup with their cybersecurity, trying to implement makeshift solutions to make up lost ground while their workforces are working remotely for the immediate future.

To find out more about how you can ensure your business’ cybersecurity is in good shape for now and for the future, download our eBook, What Makes a Good Cybersecurity Defense for a Modern SMB?




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