A display of a magazine, cell phones and a laptop all displaying the Hose Monster campaign.

Hose Monster

Consistent Pressure gets Results

In marketing, as in flow testing, it’s all about the numbers.

A Fire Protection Company with a Burning Problem

Hose Monster is a company pushing the fire protection industry from the ground up—literally—by creating the safest, most efficient, and most accurate flow testing equipment on the market. Flow testing is the only way to check the adequacy of your fire system’s water supply, and historically has been a very cumbersome task before Hose Monster. But like many challenger brands, there was a general lack of awareness. They also encountered a target audience unmotivated to change. Revenue was not where it needed to be; not only for new product development, but to sustain the company. They needed a game plan, and quickly.

Strategic Targeting

Making a Splash

We created a refreshed brand that would stand out among the competition in both look and voice; now the challenge was to deploy it for maximum return. Our research suggested that 3rd-party testers were more likely to invest in their business than municipalities, so we began targeting the demographic in regions where Hose Monster’s market share was weak. From there, we developed a managed campaign strategy that would work across a variety of mediums and generate a high ROI.

The logo for Hose Monster University.
The logo for Hose Monster Company.
The logo for Smart Monster.
Paper, business cards, a notepad, pen, and an envelope branded for Hose Monster.
Two copies of the Hose Monster brand book, one is open.
A close up of an open copy of the Hose Monster brand book.

Long-Term Brand Marketing

Focus the Marketing Stream

We wanted Hose Monster to be top of mind for 3rd-party testers when the time came for them to upgrade their flow testing equipment, and doing so meant placing ads in publications we knew they would be reading as well as creating a consistent and branded social presence with engaging content. As a result, Hose Monster saw a 220% increase in impressions, a 132% increase in social media interactions, 233% increase in clicks, and a 400% increase in shared material.

A carousel of social media ads that say “Visit our booth,” “Are your water systems ready for summer?” and “Did you flow test?” around a cellphone
Two cellphones with example social posts, one says, “Upgrade to Smart Monster Today!”
A grid of social media posts designed for Hose Monster.


increase in audience growth year over year

On social media, a single engaging post is measured by the number of likes and shares it generates. The effectiveness of a brand on each platform, or how consistently it publishes relevant and engaging content, is measured in audience growth. Hose Monster has seen a 400% increase in audience growth year over year.

Short-Term Sales Activation Marketing

Through the Funnel

To generate sales, we needed to get our audience to the website. This would require a hyper-targeted campaign consisting of paid search ads and emails to go along with our brand awareness campaign on social media. By creating engaging content that understood the needs of fire technicians, we sent 29 emails to over 54,781 recipients, increasing website traffic 615% year over year.

A Big Boy Hose Monster, Dechlor Demon, Hydrant Gate Valve next to a phone and laptop displaying the Hose Monster website.
A collection of screenshots of the Hose Monster website.
A Pilotless nozzle and gauge around a tablet and phone displaying Hose Monster 30th anniversary webpages.


Click-through rate.

The fact of the matter is that most people do not read most of their emails, let alone engage with them. B2B and B2C marketing emails generally have an open rate of 15% and 20%, respectively. Even less recipients engage with the email; the average click-through rate is 2.5%. 5% is considered very good. Hose Monster had a click-through rate of 12%, obliterating industry standards.

Return on Investment

Results That Buried the Needle

A strategic campaign designed to reach a hesitant target audience, combined with a persistent media plan, led to incredible results for Hose Monster. Return on ad spend was 2,831%. Sales through their website went up 41%. New contacts went up 146.33% year over year. And the list goes on.

A laptop displaying Hose Monster banner ads.
A laptop displaying the Hose Monster website focused on the Smart Monster app.
A laptop, phone and tablet displaying the Hose Monster website next to a Monster Meter gauge.


Return on Investment.

A 209% return on investment within one year alone doesn’t represent the ROI for the entirety of the contract, it represents the return in year 1 alone.

“Our partnership with [Impact] has brought considerable scale and firepower to our marketing capabilities that otherwise would be unattainable for a smaller company like ours. The depth and breadth of their subject matter expertise from print advertising to social, digital, web, and trade shows allows us to present to our customers as a company 10x our actual size.”

Mike Tobey | CEO of The Hose Monster Company

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