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2020 Cybersecurity in Review: What We Learned

Learn from Jeff Leder, Director of MIT Security Services, and Humberto Gauna, in this cybersecurity webinar evaluating 2020 in security—including examining the biggest data breaches, what companies get wrong with remote work, and how SMBs can be better at cybersecurity.

2020 was a watershed year for cybersecurity. Concerns about how well organizations are able to protect themselves have been prevalent for a number of years, but last year threw these concerns into far sharper relief.

A study of 1,000 organizations found that 90% of businesses experienced an increase in cyberattacks during 2020 as compared to 2019.

Many businesses have been caught out by the scale of attacks, and companies are facing an unfortunate double-whammy—increasing cyberattacks combined with transitioning workforces that aren’t as protected as they should be.

What do we mean by this? When entire offices were sent home in 2020, employees could take their devices, but not the security protections of their office network.

Many working from home operate under networks that can’t properly protect them—a recipe for disaster.

And while many have returned to their offices and more will in the future, the changes in how businesses operate as a result of COVID are likely to remain in effect for the foreseeable future.

Some 40% of workers have gone remote in 2020 and companies plan to increase their capacity for remote work, with 78% of CEOs agreeing that remote collaboration will continue for the long-term.

The question then becomes for businesses: What can be done to secure themselves and their employees—wherever they may be—from attack?

In this webinar, Jeff Leder, Director of MIT Security Services, and Humberto Gauna, vCISO, assess 2020 from a security perspective, analyzing the biggest breaches, providing valuable insights into what businesses can do better, and recommending what can be done to secure remote work operations for now and the future. View the recording above.