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Elements of Layered Security | Modern Business Requirements

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why do cybercriminals target businesses of literally every size 
  • What the elements of a layered security solution are 
  • How a multi-layered cybersecurity approach became so crucial 
  • The differences between personal and business cybersecurity 
  • And more!

Why Attend the Elements of Layered Security Webinar?

If you want to learn more about what the different aspects of a complete cybersecurity strategy are and how to implement them in your business, this webinar is a can’t-miss. Join Impact expert Chad Adams, Business Development Specialist, and our special guest, Humberto Gauna, DOT Security Chief Strategy Officer for: 

  • A brief history of cybersecurity, and how solutions became so varied and complex 
  • A live Q&A session 
  • An entry for our raffle prize: a $50 Visa gift card for professional development 

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About Modern Business Requirements

Elements of Layered Security is the first episode of Impact’s new webinar series: Modern Business Requirements. In it, Impact experts explore different aspects of what is required to do business today.  

With topics from cybersecurity to marketing & branding and everything in between, we’ll explore what businesses need to thrive and grow in today’s market, how to use technology to stay ahead of your competitors, and the role of expert services now and in the future.  

Cybersecurity at Impact

With our partner DOT Security, Impact provides enterprise-level managed cybersecurity services for businesses of all sizes. We help you protect your company in every way possible, with the most advanced hardware and software, constant research and monitoring of your system and the cybersecurity landscape, and training your employees to minimize all additional risks. 

Get a basic understanding of our cybersecurity offerings here, and learn more by registering for the Elements of Layered Security webinar now!