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Digital Transformation Power Panel

Focus. Innovate. Grow. Webinar Series: Episode 1

The Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Transformation

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Join Chaela Krueger (Design and Marketing Specialist), Humberto Gauna (Cybersecurity Analyst), Tony Deszcz (Senior Executive Consultant), Dustin Foret (Business Development Specialist) and Aaron Thomas (vCIO), for a discussion on the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation. These experts each represent one of Impact’s main service lines, IT & Cloud, Cybersecurity, Digital Innovation, Marketing & Branding and Print & Documents.

Digital transformation has become a top buzzword among business and technology experts alike, and it can play a key role in the how successful an organization’s growth and competitive abilities are. In 2021, these challenges are compounded by the new normal established by current events that have forced businesses to adjust their strategies for driving leads, ROI and engagement, while also boosting workplace productivity and sustainability.

As a managed service provider working with businesses of many sizes across the nation, Impact has recognized how difficult the long-term planning and execution of digital transformation strategies. The journey is unique for each business, and requires detailed budgeting, technology options and buy-in from employees in order to be successful. We do so through modern technology and software, all supported by our experts.

In this webinar, our speakers, who have each worked with businesses to navigate their digital transformations, discuss some new opportunities businesses can take advantage of, as well as the common challenges that came with working to introduce new initiatives within a business. They also share some of the strategies and solutions that they’ve adopted to support these efforts.

They cover examples of digital transformation as it relates to each of their service areas, and how clients in a number of industries have utilized the move towards modern, digital business to stay competitive in the current market and improve their workplaces. If you’re interested in learning about digital marketing strategies, IT security requirements and more, don’t miss out!

Watch today for the first webinar in our Focus. Innovate. Grow. Series, all focused on business transformation from planning to execution. Chaela, Humberto, Tony, Dustin and Aaron are some of Impact’s seasoned experts who can offer real advice that can be applicable to those ready to kick off their digital transformation efforts. Access the full, on-demand recording below and get ready to take away some actionable goals for what may be next for your company.

Thank you to our partners at HP for sponsoring this webinar episode.