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What is Digital Content Creation and How Can You Make It Effective? | The Huddle

Impact’s Managed Marketing President Aaron Dyck is joined by Copy Lead Kelsey Seiler to discuss what digital content creation is, how you can make it work for your business, and the key things you get when you work with a professional content creator in this all-new episode of The Huddle.

What You’ll Learn About Digital Content Creation

Creating content for your business isn’t as simple as having your niece or nephew write up a quick blog post anymore. Between keeping track of the changes in Google’s algorithm, working with research teams, and following an informed linking strategy, modern digital content creation requires real understanding and skill.

Check out Aaron’s conversation with Kelsey to learn:

  • The most important thing to keep in mind when creating content
  • How to build a three-step plan for content
  • The evolution of modern content marketing
  • Impact’s best tips for creating content
  • Why content professionals should be working with research and insights

If you’re ready to generate serious organic traffic for your website, you need to understand what digital content creation is. A professional strategy is the difference between wasting your time and generating countless leads for your business. This episode of The Huddle is the key.


Why is It Called “The Huddle”?

In sports, the huddle is where you gather with your team to discuss strategies for getting ahead of your competition. The Huddle with Aaron Dyck is no different. In every episode he chats with illustrious guests about all types of marketing and business.

From discussing what digital content creation is to covering recruitment marketing, cross-selling, research, and more, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the modern marketing landscape by watching The Huddle.

Impact offers a full marketing agency, with enterprise-level services for businesses of all sizes. If you’d like to implement a data-informed plan of action with a complete team who can pull off any project you have in mind, contact a specialist about working with us today.

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