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Impact Networking Announces Perfect Net Promoter Score for 14 Consecutive Months

Ratings Prove the Managed Service Provider Sets the Gold Standard for Business Applications

Impact Networking, a leading managed service provider (MSP), today announced that its Business Applications team has achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 100 for 14 consecutive months, beginning April 2021. The creators of NPS, Bain & Company, suggest a score above 80 is world class and a perfect score of 100 is almost impossible for any organization to achieve. The NPS is a simple score between -100 and 100 that helps organizations rank themselves within their industry and independently.

The Business Applications Support team at Impact is led by Support Development Manager Ben Witte who described the critical role of customer reviews. “Whether they’re reviews of service or ratings of products, they all matter. And everyone here at Impact takes our customers’ feedback very seriously.”

Business applications, also known as digital innovation, is the implementation of new technologies in business processes and practices to improve efficiency, productivity, and customer experience while reducing costs and waste. Impact’s specialists will determine the best combination, customization, and integration of best-in-class business applications technology to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Impact has more than two decades of experience helping organizations innovate through digital transformation initiatives with a customer-first focus. The MSP asks for feedback throughout their entire process to improve the customer experience and build happier, longer-lasting partnerships. The perfect NPS ratings prove Impact sets the gold standard for business applications services and solutions.

Learn more about Impact Networking and how to achieve new levels of productivity with digital innovation at

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