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Business Applications, Customized by Our Certified Experts

At Impact Networking, we recognize the challenge of trying to modernize a growing business and compete in an increasingly digitally-driven world. That’s what inspired us to build a powerhouse suite of business applications that seamlessly work together, eliminating data and process silos and empowering clients to operate with unprecedented agility and visibility. Our solutions stack is a combination of robust software and flexible technology, which can be built to streamline customer processes or systems that don’t typically have out-of-the-box connections. Our digital innovation suite includes a set of services, top industry tools and experts to provide a foundation for your business to begin building its future.

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“We’ve seen about a 30 to 40 percent decrease in data entry, which is huge because it allows our teams to actually address our customers.”

Scott Levitt, IT Project Manager at National Fiber Supply

Our Digital Innovation Services Include:

Enterprise Resource Planning

Connect your systems with a centralized business platform

Business Intelligence

See deep into your company’s success with analytics

Enterprise Content Management

Bring together data and processes in a central system

Business Process Automation

Reduce repetitive, manual tasks with custom software

Robotic Process Automation

Free employees from data-driven tasks with software bots

Rapid App Development

Develop engaging apps without the need of full-time developers

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