Expertise at Every Step

Navigate through your unique business challenges and cut through the digital confusion.
We work primarily with mid-market businesses to alleviate the challenges of adopting and implementing new technology and processes. As one of the top managed service providers, we strive to be the advisors and support system for businesses who:

  • Don’t have the right skills in-house
  • Want to reduce time and money spent finding and vetting tools
  • Can’t justify the returns of hiring in-house
  • Face talent shortages for in-demand roles
  • Need access to a full team of experts with diverse skills
  • Want to eliminate day-to-day maintenance and support, and plan to focus
    on more meaningful, big-picture work
  • Are looking for long-term advising and consulting from a partner who has industry experience

We Transform Businesses from the Inside Out

Processes, technology, and people must work in tandem in order to be successful. That’s where Impact comes in; we provide an integrated suite of services to assist our clients with their digital transformation initiatives. We advise on everything from initial technology and services investments, deployment, and user adoption to implementations in business environments.

Our structured process consists of three steps


Your Business Assessment

Our process always begins with you. We’ll discuss your goals, existing strategies, and where you want to go to guide our consulting plan. From there, we’ll begin to pull together resources from our team that will help you going forward.

During your assessment, we will:

  • Discuss your current and future business goals
  • Complete a thorough audit of your finances, systems, and technology
  • Interview key stakeholders and employees
  • Perform competitive analysis and examination of related market trends

Our solutions break the traditional barriers of business, integrating processes and systems across departments and business units to create one strategic digital transformation roadmap for your entire organization. As a managed service provider, we deliver not only these customized solutions and technology, but long-term advisory and support services to ensure your ongoing success.

We typically work with businesses in the following capacity:


Our Solution


The Results

Based on our discussions, we’ll measure ROI and performance against discussed KPIs, and hold ourselves accountable. We’ll regularly get together to review business results and ensure we’re on the right track.

We’ll continue to provide the following services:

  1. Configuration and execution of solutions to specification
  2. Management and support
  3. Periodic business reviews to determine progress related to KPIs
  4. Discussion of future iterations and evolution

Let’s Chat

Connect with a specialist to discuss how Impact can best support your business through our managed services.