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Modernize your print and document fleet with secure and sustainable solutions

A More Secure, Eco-Friendly Printer Fleet

Many businesses do not realize the costs associated with a disorganized printing network. Wasteful print practices burn through materials, and a lack of security standards and employee education creates several vulnerabilities that leave confidential information exposed to outsiders. Impact helps put businesses on the right track with our Managed Print Services (MPS) offerings. We connect users with printing solutions from leading print vendors to help establish a modern print fleet utilized by educated end users.

I worked with several vendors, and our interaction with…Impact in general was head and shoulders above the other vendors.

Anne White, Business Officer Manager at Kort Builders, Inc.

Managed Print Services with Impact

Why do I need print services from Impact?

To establish a secure and streamlined printer fleet, and improve employee printing habits with modern solutions backed by industry-leading equipment.

Impact’s certified experts take on the burden of reconfiguring an office’s printing system. Our process includes a full analysis of current printing solutions and processes, so we can assess and advise on any installation, implementation and education from start to finish. We work with reputable print vendors to find the most cost-effective hardware, as well as applications that streamline everyday office processes related to print.

Print services from Impact help businesses with:

hardware Old and outdated hardware

print practices No current print practices

resource waste Costs due to resource waste

nsecured paper Stacks of unsecured paper in open office spaces

print security No print security plan

print device layout An unorganized print device layout or floor plan

What is included in Impact’s Managed Print Services package?

Hardware and software from print vendors are hand-picked by Impact specialists, and serviced by our certified technicians.

While many parts of the technology industry have come and gone, multifunction printers (MFPs) remain a necessity for businesses of all sizes. Choosing the products that perform and integrate with processes within the current age of IoT also requires companies to be more aware of security and how data is distributed. By partnering with Impact, all of these concerns and compliance requirements are built into an organized process, which we lead from assessment to support.

Another unique component to our MPS program is our partnership with PrintReleaf. As a value add, clients are set up with the PrintReleaf program, which provides them an easy way to measure and understand the volume of prints they’re using, and offset the environmental impact by planting the equivalent number of trees based on the associated printing habits.

With Impact’s Managed Print Services, you’ll receive:

Strategic floor plans

Equipment suggestions from premier vendors

24/7/3 support

In-person and remote service

User training and education

Workflow solutions and strategies

Document management

Supplies replenishment and recycling

Green initiatives

How does the process work?

We conduct a complete assessment of your current equipment and processes related to your document output and printer fleet.

We layout this process in a series of steps: DMAICM
Define. Measure. Assess. Improve. Control. Manage

Define: Impact specialists meet with key stakeholders to outline metrics for success, cost, productivity and employee satisfaction, then set a timeline for the course of the project and assemble our team.

Measure: Our team does a thorough review of data concerning printing solutions and document workflows, and the current impact hardware and software have on processes, productivity and cost. This includes:

mapping Office tours and mapping

information gathering Device information gathering

Storage and supplies Storage and supplies

Warning signs Warning signs

Employee interview Employee interviews

current devices Data gathering from current devices

Print activity Print activity

Analyze: Next, our specialists do an in-depth review of the cost of current ownership, issue rearrangement, print volumes and other KPIs to determine the critical factors related to cost.

Improve: In this final part of the review, we look at the results of an analysis and research, and develop a thorough plan based around your projected goals and budget. It includes employee education, equipment needs and consolidation, cost-effective printing solutions and applications to manage print services and document workflows.

We provide recommendations for:

radio Products

Management Management options

Systems Systems

Workflow optimization Workflow optimization

Control and Manage: We guide each customer through the installation and implementation of technology and workflow adjustments. Based on determined goals, we schedule out reviews, plans for future updates and KPI benchmarks against target goals.

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Learn how Impact’s Managed Print Services can help your business.