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  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Enable your remote workers by giving them secure access to Office 365 and Outlook from any personal device

  • Azure: Gain peace of mind with cloud hosting that utilizes Tier IV data centers, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum security

  • Teams: Empower your workers with video conferencing, messaging and collaboration tools, allowing them to work as closely together as ever

  • VoIP: All the features of PBX, but without the hassle of a desk phone. Cloud-based Dialpad for Windows, Mac and mobile makes desk phones a thing of the past

  • VPN: With an encrypted virtual server, you can keep your internal data totally safe and secure while allowing employee access from any location with a WiFi connection

  • WaaS: Allow workers to use and access their office desktops from home devices, while maintaining total security for company data

cover page for ebook called 6 remote work considerations for SMBs

6 Remote Work Considerations for SMBs

The Coronavirus outbreak has sparked a remote work revolution, so businesses all across the country have to learn very quickly how to operate effectively wth a remote workforce.

Do you have the resources and measures in place to meet this unexpected challenge? Read our eBook and learn 6 key considerations to conduct remote work successfully.

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We spent a lot of resources trying to staff an IT department. It was a great fit to bring in a company like Impact that had many resources available instead of just one internal employee. At the end of the day, it was a smart investment.

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