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branding and marketing

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Modern marketing strategy is the key that many organizations are lacking to unlocking new opportunities to reach customers, gain brand awareness and support their revenue streams. For the companies without the budget for full-time marketing staff, and those that have a small, dedicated team, our team at Impact can help.

With Managed Marketing, you receive the full marketing agency experience at a fixed price. We hire experts in strategy, research, development, creative services, media and user experience to consult with you on the opportunities that you can take advantage of. We not only create the plan, but we also execute it for your team with KPIs and analytics to keep us accountable and on top of our long-term partnership goals.

branding and marketing

Now we have a fresh image, noticeable increase in site traffic, and a far more effective marketing machine. We now have a valid long-term strategy based in research and measured through analytics.

Jordan Powell, Founder at IPHCA

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Managed Marketing Services

Why do I need managed marketing services from Impact?

To partner with a full-scale marketing agency dedicated to the strategy, execution, and success of your long-term marketing and branding goals, all at a fixed price.

Impact’s managed marketing services are right for businesses that need:

  • Skilled marketing experts and support
  • Refreshed branding and marketing materials
  • Ways to improve marketing strategies
  • Budget-conscious, long-term strategic planning and KPIs
  • Enterprise-level tools
  • An enhanced digital presence
  • New forms of audience engagement
  • Marketing strategies for small and large businesses

What managed digital marketing services are included in a partnership with Impact?

Long-term marketing plans based on our assessment and scope of work that guides research, strategy, and creative execution for every project.

As a client of Impact, you’ll receive:

  • Strategy, research, and competitive analytics
  • Experts dedicated to your account
  • Creatives specialized in both traditional and digital platforms
  • A pricing model based on your budget
  • Long-term planning and goal setting
  • Work based around KPIs such as lead generation, engagement, and more

How does the process work?

We start with a full assessment to understand your business, market, and competition, then define goals and outline steps for ideation, execution, and delivery.

This work includes:

  • Review of current SEO, social media, value proposition, marketing projects, and spending
  • Assigning dedicated team members, including creatives, strategists, and accounts managers
  • Creation of content, visuals, web design, print, and more
  • Periodic check-ins, project tracking, and ongoing goal reviews for future deliverables

Hear from Our Customers

“They really embraced our mission and really cared about where we were going and what we wanted to do.”

Mark Klaisner, Executive Director at West40

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