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Your Trusted Digital Innovation Partner

We realize the challenge of modernizing a workplace while maintaining day-to-day activities with limited resources. As digital transformation looks different for each industry and business, finding the right applications to boost your efficiency requires time and effort you may not have.

Our Business Applications team includes both the technical and strategic experts who approach every client with the goal of customizing applications and introducing modern services like low-code, robotic process automation and more to give your employees time to focus on the work that drives your business and improve the speed and accuracy of data-focused tasks.

digital innovation

We’ve seen about a 30 to 40 percent decrease in data entry, which is huge because it allows our teams to actually address our customers.

Scott Levitt, IT Project Manager at National Fiber Supply

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Digital Innovation Services

Why do I need digital innovation services from Impact?

To kickstart digital transformation with digital-first strategies. We provide the custom business applications and advanced analytics flexible enough to grow alongside your business and stay within your budget.

Impact’s digital innovation suite is right for organizations that:

  • Need scalable technology and software
  • Lack connectivity between departments and locations
  • Struggle to manage data across disconnected programs
  • Don’t have technology specialists
  • Spend too much time on manual, paper-based processes
  • Have difficulty developing digital transformation strategies

What is included in Impact’s Digital Innovation services package?

Customized software and technology-based solutions to accelerate your business growth, more easily execute business activities and give your employees the right tools to work smarter, not harder. Every application is conceptualized, designed and implemented for you by our development experts.

With Impact’s Digital Innovation Services, you’ll receive:

  • Powerful apps to support digital transformation
  • Collaboration tools to connect lines of business
  • Programs optimized for desktop and mobile
  • Real-time performance and customer data
  • Automation tools
  • Access to solutions experts
  • Ongoing project management
  • Regular support, upgrades and add-ons

How does the process work?

Through a complete business audit with the goal to select custom, budget-friendly technology to integrate with your current systems, connect your teams and run seamlessly alongside your work processes.

We perform the following:

  • Employee interviews
  • Workflow assessments and demos of current processes
  • Customization of software, program and apps
  • Data collection and storage
  • Implementation, onsite training and setup
  • Ongoing consultation on business objectives, maintenance and upgrades

Hear from Our Customers

“They really wanted to know how the software was going to affect our business, and not what it was going to take to create the code. They were going to create a product we could use rather than just do something really cool, but there’s no practical application to it.”

Matt Ziegler, President at ZMac Transportation Solutions

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