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Business is unpredictable…

Markets fluctuate, new technology develops and customer needs change. For small and mid-sized companies competing against larger enterprises in an increasingly digital world, the pressure is constantly on to reach new audiences, improve revenue streams, create an established brand and much more.

Having worked with thousands of organizations for over 20 years, Impact has seen and experienced the unique struggles SMBs currently face. That’s why when it comes to addressing your needs, rather than simply outsourcing from third parties, we’ve spent years creating our own suite of services that combines new-age tech, local talent and modern solutions for achieving the goals that matter most to your organization.

Why this tagline?

We’ve had many taglines over the years as our offerings have transformed. Now, with more than two decade’s worth of collaboration, communication and customer service under our belts, we wanted to simplify things and create a tagline that really represented our core values. At the end of the day, the team at Impact came together with these three purposes in mind:


Zeroing in on your company’s goals, needs and vision using our custom, multi-step assessment process


Creating tailored solutions and connecting your team with the right Impact specialists and technology


Securing the path for your business’s long-term success with ongoing planning, strategy and local support

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It takes more than a piece of software or a number to create a truly successful long-term plan to tackle your ongoing business needs with speed and agility. At Impact, we bring together the best of the best experts and processes to guarantee that you’re on the right path at every step, no matter what’s in store.

After identifying common areas of improvement that SMBs had, we created five suites of managed services. Through our custom assessment process, our specialists work with you to find out how to combine these services to best align with your goals, on your budget, within your timeline.

Read more about our offerings below.

A package of best-of-breed tools and technology supported by our certified professionals to partner with you and proactively monitor and manage your IT infrastructure.

With Impact’s Managed IT and Cloud Services, you’ll receive:

  • Secure cloud storage
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Mobile workspace solutions
  • Productivity and collaboration tools

Access to an enterprise-level, integrated suite of top-of-the-line solutions with an all-in-one partnership that covers strategy, compliance, support and technology.

With Impact’s Managed Cybersecurity Services, you’ll receive:

  • Perimeter and endpoint protection
    Maintenance, risk mitigation and advising
  • Info and data security
  • Threat alerts and monitoring

A powerhouse suite of business process management solutions that seamlessly work together, eliminating silos and empowering you to operate with unprecedented agility and visibility.

With Impact’s Managed Process Optimization Services, you’ll receive:

  • Collaboration, communication and automation tools
  • Customized programs compatible with both desktop and mobile
  • Real-time data
  • Ongoing project management and planning

ES99, Impact’s marketing agency dedicated to transforming SMBs and driving real growth with creative and technical experts to keep brands navigate in increasingly competitive and digital-focused markets.

With Impact’s Managed Marketing Services, you’ll receive:

  • Strategy, research and competitive analytics
  • Experts dedicated to your account
  • Creatives specialized in both traditional and digital platforms
  • Work based around KPIs such as lead generation, engagement and more

Printing solutions to help establish a modern print fleet utilized by educated end users.

With Impact’s Managed Print Services, you’ll receive:

  • Equipment suggestions from premier vendors
  • In-person and remote service
  • Document management
  • Supplies replenishment and recycling

A Local Partner for the Modern SMB

We believe every business deserves a team that prioritizes their needs. At Impact, world-class service is a high priority. No matter what offering you choose, you’ll be supported by our certified experts 24/7. Located within the heart of the Midwest, West Coast and Southern US, we’re close by and ready to connect you with the right technology, the best solutions to fit your workplace needs and a local team capable of providing everything from planning to delivery to support at your convenience.

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