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Combine your core business functions into the powerful, analytics-driven platform with Microsoft Business Central ERP

For fast-paced, high-growth businesses, you need a hub for your activities. If your finance, operations, sales, logistics and other departments run through their own systems, chances are, you’re missing out on key data analytics real-time collaborations to inform your business decisions. If you’re ready to advance to the cloud and combine your common business apps into one platform, invest in ERP through Impact. We hire certified experts who look into your current state of business, evaluate processes and teams in order to build out your custom ERP platform through Microsoft Business Central.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Experience the powerful platform that integrates with hundreds of popular business applications, capable of supporting and connecting business functions across organizations in any industry. Our experts customize dashboards to visualize processes and results, establishing an ecosystem of workflows that runs seamlessly and utilizes automation to give your employees time to perform ROI-driven work.

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Here’s why you need Impact’s customized ERP solution for your business

We don’t sell out-of-the-box solutions. With each potential customer, we perform a multi-step assessment of your business, with onsite visits, employee interviews and detailed process reviews to guide our recommendations for addressing your needs and pain points with our fixed-fee services to for implementation, licensing, support, migrations, training and more.

Along with the above, an ERP platform designed by Impact offers benefits like:

  • Ongoing performance benchmarks and tracking with analytics and KPIs

  • On-demand onsite and remote support

  • Increased employee productivity and accountability

  • Mobility with the Dynamics 365 mobile app

  • Faster workflow configurations, integrations and automation tools

  • Upgrades and data security via the cloud

As your technology partner, we have your back when it counts

Our enterprise solutions team is made up of Functional Consultants, Project Managers, Implementation Specialists and Developers who are all well-versed in the Business Central platform. They’ll work with your team from analysis to post-implementation to build out the platform with your business in mind. We focus on your budget, your core business functions and areas of improvement, and with both business and software experts, develop both the strategic and technical foundation to support your team from launch date and beyond.

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Download our ERP checklist, which offers key insights into the benefits behind a solid ERP system for organizations within supply chain, manufacturing and logistics.

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