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What It’s Like for Women in Tech Companies 2022

Technology has historically been a male-dominated industry. But some incredible women have managed to push through over the decades and forge a path for those that would follow. Now, see what it’s like for modern-day women in tech companies with employees of Impact and our partner DOT Security. 


Women at Tech Companies Like Impact and DOT Security 

Impact and DOT Security employ women at every level of each company, from leadership positions to entry-level roles with growth potential. Both companies work to support their women, so they know their efforts, backgrounds, and points of view are not just accepted but welcomed. 

Impact also elevates our women with career growth opportunities. The Impact Leadership Institute offers training in the fields of tech and leadership to help the company’s women and anyone else who wants to learn. This allows for rapid career advancement with people who understand women’s needs and are happy to accommodate to keep the best talent in the room. 

The Importance of Inclusion 

DOT Security and Impact both know that it’s critical to have female perspectives, along with the points of view of all kinds of other people, because the diversity of background and experience only makes for more nuanced and strong ideas. That’s why both companies champion diversity and inclusion in their workforces. 

Recently, Impact launched its first-ever employee resource group (ERG) aimed at supporting and uplifting women, and has more to come for all of its other diverse employees. Stay tuned to see what else Impact and DOT Security will do to amplify the voices of their staff! 

Learn more about what Impact is doing internally and within our communities to promote social equity with our diversity and inclusion initiatives!