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Exploring the Business Benefits of Facilities Management

In order to make both employees and customers feel safe and welcome, a company needs to create positive experiences through its facilities. For the modern business, that means investing in new technology, innovating spaces, developing up-to-date safety measures and more.

At Impact, that’s just some of what Michael Borchew, Chief Design Officer in Lake Forest, is in charge of. Having been part of the team for more than a decade, he has had to keep up with modern tech trends and a fast-growing business model which now extends to 19 locations.

Watch this video to hear about his role, the benefits of facility management for a business and a behind-the-scenes look at some of Impact’s newest buildings.



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Video Transcript 

I’m Michael Borchew, Chief Design Officer. The Impact facilities are really important for the culture of Impact for customers. It’s important because we want to give them an experience when they come into visit or get a demonstration of our services or products for employees. It’s even more important because we want employees to like where they work. 

We want to recruit employees that want to work at Impact. We want to retain employees. So right now I do all of the facility design for Impact, working with the architects, working with the builder. And then we involve each of the managers of the branches and some of their support specialists to make sure that they’re in agreement. Once they’re in agreement with the initial plans than it’s just fast forward with our architects and our builder.

I got involved with facilities back in 2008. I started looking at all the Impact spaces and realized that they didn’t match up with the Impact brand or culture. So, we started revamping all the branches to match with the Impact brand and then going forward, anything that we did new matched up with those facilities. Right now there’s 21 facilities that includes the sports facilities like Staples Center and Impact Field. There’s a strategy and a process for designing the space as well, we have budgets, and we try to design space to work within that budget parameter, and we try to put as much technology and comfort and amenities that we can in the space. 

We signed 7- to 10-year leases on all of our spaces, and sometimes the branch gets outdated or overused. So, we revamp the facility, you know, three or four years and then we bring it up to the current standard for what our facilities look like and how they function. Any new spaces get brought up to the current standard as well. What gets me going? What I really like about working on the facilities is that these things that we’re gonna last for a long time. It’s not like a website where it you could do a great design, but then it gets changed all the time. We’re trying to bring in new finishes, new textures, new patterns, new colors into the space to make him a little bit more exciting. So, by injecting that kind of excitement. It’s good for customers that are visiting multiple spaces. It’s good for the employees. We need to update and modernize our facilities to match the technology that’s out there and what our competitors are doing.