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Happy Thanksgiving from Impact

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and celebration. We’re extremely proud of all our employees and their hard work this year, and we know they deserve to spend the long holiday weekend with their loved ones.

In this video, we talk to Impact employees from across several departments as they discuss their favorite Thanksgiving memories and traditions, as well as their other family at Impact, what their coworkers mean to them and how they’ve helped them this year. We wish the very warmest of Thanksgiving wishes to all Impact employees!

We would like to thank the following employees for sharing their Thanksgiving stories with us:

Catherine Skurski, MIT, Administrative Manager

Corey Carnes, Illinois General Sales Manager/Partner

Sabrina Even, Administrator

Justin Montalvo, Talent Acquisition Manager

Paul Weisheit, Controller

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Video Transcript

So, I have a lot of holiday memories regarding Thanksgiving. An image that always stick in my head that seems to repeat itself is my dad falling asleep in the recliner, completely passed out after tons of food and maybe a couple Busches. But that’s a consistent image and memory that happens every Thanksgiving. 

My favorite holiday memory is probably one Thanksgiving with my grandparents. My other grandmother came down with us and all of my aunts and uncles were there and my cousins. There were probably 40 of us in this really small house in southern Ohio. 

A tradition we have is my wife’s from St Louis, so every Thanksgiving, we travel down to St Louis and we do a duck hunt the day before Thanksgiving, my now wife invited all of her friends, my friends, her family, my family over for a housewarming party, so basically just showing everybody our new home, and I took full advantage of that, the fact that everybody was there and I ended up proposing to her. 

A memory that I cherish dearly, would have to be Thanksgiving that I had with my grandma. You know, she was always the life of the party and I’m truly thankful for the memories that I have with her. So, I’m so thankful for the teams that I have that are mine truly to my heart, they are like siblings. You spend your day with them, we celebrate together, we’re sad together, we go through a lot of challenges that life throws our way.

Some of us have been working together for a very long time, in excess of 10 years, and you become close with them. Every day that you spend with them is just another cherished moment. I just like to wish everybody a stress-free Thanksgiving. Be thankful for the people you have around you and the health that you hopefully have. 

Just wanna wish all of Impact’s employees a happy Thanksgiving, I hope you guys get a lot of food in your Thanksgiving feast and hope you enjoy the days off that we’re getting on this late in the year in the holidays. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Impact, wishing you a wonderful holiday filled with the warmth and happiness of the season.