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Rep. Bennie Thompson on Cybersecurity History with Impact and DOT Security

Impact and our cybersecurity partner, DOT Security, teamed up to host an event on the importance of modern cybersecurity with keynote speaker Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS). See what he had to say in our highlight video below. 

Rep. Bennie Thompson on The Need for Cybersecurity 

As Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, Rep. Thompson is keenly aware of how crucial cybersecurity can be to any entity’s overall security posture. It’s simply no longer an option when faced with the real damage cyberattacks can do to businesses and governments alike. 

In his speech, Rep. Thompson discussed the differences between “show horses” and “work horses”. Beyond crafting a plan, having cybersecurity experts on your side who understand the changes in the field and can stay up to date with them can be the biggest differentiator between organizations that remain protected and those that don’t. That’s what makes those with expertise work horses. 

Impact and DOT Security 

Impact works closely with DOT Security to build a layered, watchful, proactive, and customized cybersecurity strategy for each of our clients. 

DOT Security performs risk assessments on clients, suggests solutions to fortify their defenses, provides consulting services to train your staff on best practices and keep you up to date on the latest changes in the field, and consistently monitors your digital environment. 

Impact manages this service. We install all updates to your hardware and software, ensure that you’re satisfied with your long-term cybersecurity strategy, and help make sure your IT infrastructure can support the necessary changes to get and stay safe. 

Together, the two companies ensure that your defenses against cyberattacks are as strong and business-friendly as possible. 

Learn more about what goes into a layered cybersecurity strategy and how to implement one for your business with our blog post: Why You Need Layered Security