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One Impact | Celebrate Diversity Month 2020

A strong company is a diverse company. At Impact, we hire professionals from all walks of life who each represent a unique background and practice the importance of diversity in the workplace. As the company grows, our leaders work hard to create a culture that celebrates these differences and where employees enjoy working together every day in a safe environment.

In honor of Celebrate Diversity Month 2020, the Impact team has put together this short video in which we asked some of our employees what diversity meant to them. They share their thoughts on the importance of diversity in the workplace, some inspiring messages and more. Watch to hear more.

We thank the following employees for sharing their thoughts and helping Impact create a diverse company:

Steven Hedman, Administrator

Amanda Sleider, Contract Manager

Alen Alic, National Accounts Administrator

Dona Abduli, Human Resources Assistant

Erick Olea, Director of MIT Operations

Stefanie Dunlap, Social Media Coordinator

Jean Pierre Fano, Senior Account Manager

James Ballard, Project Manager, AV/LV

Ashton Mitchell, Parts Manager


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Video Transcript

Diversity to me is about embracing our differences as humans and actively creating an environment for acceptance and respect. I think diversity means that you’re being inclusive of people from different backgrounds. Diversity is important to me because I love interacting and learning from people from all different walks of life and an understanding people. You have to understand where they come from and through diversity of background. That’s how you get to understand what people are, where they’ve been. 

Impact emphasized diversity by literally every single person that works here. If you look around different dynamic groups of ages obviously male, female, different cultures, different backgrounds, different educations. When I started, it was made out I can I could be whoever I want. Um, I can express my feelings. There’s always an open door.

I think impact embraces diversity by giving everyone an equal chance. If you work hard, then you’re rewarded, no matter your background. But I read this article recently that Generation Z, which is, you know, generation after after the millennials. That they’re growing up in such a diverse environment. That they’re not doesn’t even faze them anymore. There’s been an African American president. There’s  women in leadership positions too, it’s just completely normal, and I think that’s been the greatest improvement we’ve had since the previous generations.