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Highlights from Impact Networking’s Managed IT Internal Meeting

In early October, Impact’s entire Managed IT department was able to come together for an all-day conference about the state of modern IT heading into the end of 2021. With presentations, networking, and collaboration, the Impact Networking internal IT meeting is part of what helps our specialists stay at the top of their game and the cutting edge of industry developments.

Why have an Impact Networking internal IT meeting?

Being great at IT isn’t just about understanding the hardware and software that we’re providing today. It’s also about knowing where that technology comes from historically and being able to see the future of where it can go.

At the Impact Networking internal IT meeting, our experts look in-depth at the past, present, and future of IT and what our role within it can be. By analyzing industry trends, along with our own performance for our clients, we can see where we excel, where we have room for improvement, and then work to fill those gaps and provide you with the best possible service.


Learn more about Impact’s Managed IT team

The Impact Networking internal IT meetings are so valuable because they’re a large part of what keeps our team’s skills head and shoulders above the average IT department.

While it makes sense to have employees in every company who understand their organization’s network and technology better than anyone else, by focusing on everything IT for their business, they are forced to be generalists. With this annual internal conference, our experts can achieve a depth of specialization that is only possible at a company like Impact that provides ongoing upskilling and support.

If you want an IT team with a deep bench of experts who can proactively and thoroughly manage your digital environment, consider working with Impact. We provide consulting, maintenance, and regular upgrades to keep your system working not just running but always up to date and fully optimized. Explore what our Managed IT team can do for your business today.