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Celebrating Pride 2020

This June, Pride 2020 kicked off in a different way. While parades and events were canceled, that didn’t stop the celebrating for many, including some of our employees. Watch this video to hear members of the Impact team share who in the community has inspired them, how they plan to celebrate pride and positive messages of support.

We would like to thank the following employees for participating in our video:

Stefanie Dunlap, Social Media Coordinator

Shaun Hughes, Account Manager

Alex Ignacio, Graphic Designer

Frank DeGeorge, Chief Technology Officer

Haley Sinklair, Account Manager

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Video Transcript

Hello, everyone and happy pride. Someone in the LGBTQ plus community that I am really inspired by is Harvey Milk. As the first openly gay political official in California, I really admire him for his leadership and activism and being truly fearless in this fight for equality. I wish everyone a happy Pride Month.

Happy Pride Month and Happy June, even though pride’s canceled this year for the parades and marches, you know, I think I still plan on celebrating at home with all my close friends, my family and, of course, both my pugs. We know how to be loud and proud, and that’s what Pride Month is all about and be happy with who you are and love yourself. In regards to a word of support for the LGBTQ-plus community, I will fall back to my go to Queen RuPaul herself With, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”. Can I get an amen? 

To all my LGBTQIU folks out there, just a reminder that you are valued, you are worthy and you are loved. One person that I look up to and I admire his Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. Tim is the first openly gay CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and it was his operational expertise That saw Apple capitalizing on the vision from Steve Jobs and ultimately transform Apple from being nearly bankrupt to being the world’s first trillion-dollar company. I admire his intuition, and I also admire the risk that he took when he joined Apple. Happy, happy pride, everyone. 

My favorite part about pride as a queer woman is remembering history of it all, from Stonewall to Marsha P. Johnson, my personal hero and all of the stories in between. It’s so important to stay inspired and remember where we came from, where we are now and where we like to go. And even if we’re celebrating indoors or in less conventional ways this year, there’s still so much to celebrate. Happy pride.