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Making Complex Material Easy: Impact and ProManage as a Financial Services App Development Case Study

ProManage was offering a product that included a personal budgeting app that was not professionally designed. Being unattractive and difficult to use, it led to the product having a low adoption rate. Read this financial services app development case study to see how Impact increased the product’s demo rates and improved sales by rebuilding it from the ground up. 


ProManage Improves Customer Experience with An App Upgrade

Find out how Impact helped ProManage achieve success through thoughtful research and design.

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Developing an Accessible Financial Services App 

ProManage is a B2B financial services company that creates products that help clients’ employees manage their 401ks, invest their savings intelligently, and handle their money well. They have expert-level knowledge about personal finance. However, communicating that information is an entirely separate skill set, and they had a hard time speaking to consumers through their products without it. 

By bringing in Impact’s marketing and messaging specialists, the quality of their information shone through in a digestible, beautiful way. Their product spoke directly to the needs of the end-users with the market and audience research Impact performed. And UX/UI designers were able to ensure that users would have an easy experience in the development of this financial services app. 

Why Impact?

As a full-service marketing agency, Impact can help you create any piece of customer-facing collateral you may need. From paid media ads to building your website from scratch, our experts will create beautiful and data-driven materials that get results and help your organization grow.

  • We start with extensive research into your business, your ideal audience, and what they need 
  • That allows us to target the right people with the right message at the right time, every time 
  • Our creative professionals synthesize that data into copy and visuals that achieve your goals while being beautiful and perfectly on-brand 
  • We check in with stakeholders every step of the way to ensure we’re adhering to your vision 

The successful partnership of Impact and ProManage is not an anomaly. Read our financial services app development case study to see how we did it, and then contact us to see what we can do for you.