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Careers in Software and Technology

We’re moving forward into the age of digital transformation, and Impact is looking for the technical specialists who can help us and our customers achieve modern business goals and offer software as a service.

In software services positions, you’ll be challenged to use your skills to develop creative solutions to customer needs. This team collaborates heavily with the Sales teams; experience on a range of platforms, programs apps and more is invaluable! Our positions include software development, solution implementation, support, and software engineering jobs.

Software Specialist Roles

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Software Development

Your knowledge of coding, programming and databases is key to improving user experiences. Our developers work on custom systems, approaching each account differently. With new solutions being added regularly, you will be right at the center of business technology, with new software development services, applications and tools to train with in order to expand your skillset.

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Solution Implementation & Support

This team includes experts who make sure every account receives a world-class experience during the post-sales process. These specialists run the integration and installation of products and technology, also training clients on new tools and programs.

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Information Architecture and Software Engineering

How products and services will work together and integrate with end user systems requires both technical and creative minds. We look for those with a high level of product knowledge and serious strategy skills to take on solution architect and software engineering jobs to develop custom apps, manage infrastructures, excel in offering software as a service and utilize analytics to solve customer problems and identify potential areas for further development.

Employee Spotlight

Make an Impact | Daniel Miranda

Daniel Miranda has been a Delivery Driver for Impact for 5 years, and hasn’t had a boring day yet! He takes us behind the scenes at the warehouse to show how the Distribution team prepares equipment for delivery, and shares how he works to make every Impact customer feel important.

Employee Spotlight

Make an Impact | Jessica McClain

Day-to-day relationships are a top priority at Impact, and it’s up to employees like Jessica McClain to keep them strong. As the Accounts Payable Lead with eight years of experience, Jessica is in constant contact with vendors and customers while ensuring that invoice and payment processes run smoothly. In her video, she talks about the importance of communicating with not just internal and external customers, but her own team in order to succeed.

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