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Careers in Service and Logistics

Customer care extends far beyond the point of sale. At Impact, every interaction afterward is just as important, and we pride ourselves on delivering unbeatable customer service experiences. Service and Logistics jobs work closely to create a smooth order and delivery process for our multi-state territory while maintaining an organized series of warehouses stocked with supplies for both customers and employees. When a customer needs repairs and maintenance, these experts take the call and hit the road to help. Explore service and logistics jobs at Impact Networking today!

Service and Logistics Roles

A member of our delivery team closes the door of a trailer


If you prefer to be out on the road and connecting with others, you’ll find your groove fast here. We rely on our drivers to deliver IT products and digital equipment to customers across the Midwest and West Coast on strict schedules. Safety, product care, coordination and communication skills are a must.

A member of our technical support team troubleshoots a printer

Technical Support

We build our customer experience specialist team with experienced talent, as well as those looking for opportunities to learn a technical trade. Technicians are the familiar, welcoming face of customer care, acting as the first responders to equipment issues, performing troubleshooting, repairs and more. You’ll have opportunities to train for numerous certifications as a customer service administrator for our many lines of partner products, and the freedom to manage a territory with the support of our technology.

Three men carry out warehouse and logistics jobs at Impact

Warehouse & Logistics

Get ready to be up and active with warehouse and logistics jobs! With four warehouses and more on the horizon, we need heavily-organized teams to make sure orders are accurate and properly fulfilled and maintain the inventory cycle.

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