Professional Development

Help employees achieve their full career potential with jobs in corporate training and education

Careers in Professional Development

Keeping up with the competition in a fast-paced industry requires continued education and training. As we build out our services, we too are investing in development opportunities for employees to hone their skills, complete certifications and more. Our training team serves as the epicenter for this learning movement. These corporate training jobs focus on onboarding, setting new hires up for a successful start, and creating customized learning courses for different departments within the company.

Professional Development Roles

Several people improve performance at their jobs with corporate training

Learning Specialization

A role built for problem solvers with a knack for content development and strategy. Our learning specialists create professional development plans with actionable steps to achieve larger goals and business strategies, serving as mentors for our employees.

A woman stands in front of a projector screen and delivers a presentation

Continued Education

These are the teachers in our classroom, the ones spending time on the ground and in cars with our sales reps. They must be knowledgeable of Impact’s business processes and strategies in order to ensure our specialists are competent and ready to compete.

Several employees participate in an instructional design class

Instructional Design

The creators of learning paths, content and materials that serve as the pathways for our continued education platforms. Using expertise to design course curriculum for professional development training, e-learning, supplementary items and more.

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