The Impact Leadership Institute

Driving organizational just-in-time learning

Our Approach at the Impact Leadership Institute

Developing potential goals into realized career growth.

As Impact Networking has grown, we have recognized the need for structured opportunities for internal growth and development. Inspired by our core value of continued education, Impact founded the Impact Leadership Institute (ILI) in 2018. Operating through blended learning solutions with multichannel engagement and guided by adult learning theory and taught by a team of educational experts, we utilize a range of in-person and digital learning to assist employees in their professional development at Impact. Our leadership development program consists of classes that teach all the necessary skills needed for leadership and career growth. The ILI works in tandem with the company mission; always looking ahead to what’s next, chasing goals and embracing newness. Our dedicated team keeps a close eye on the changing IT and tech industries in order to provide pointed, fresh leadership training, resources and real experiences at no cost to our employees.

Amazing rapport was built between attendees and those running foundations which made for an amazing week!

Our Three Focuses

Core Skill Development

Core Skill Development

Job, department and branch-related performance.

Operational Process & Internal System IQ

Operational Process & Internal System IQ

Systems, platforms and tech related to job functions.

Product & Industry Knowledge

Product & Industry Knowledge

Trends and technology we sell as related to specific roles.

Three Tiers of Learning

Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-Led Training

In person, classroom sessions.

Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Customized learning platforms, mobile and webinar communication.

Field Support

Field Support

Mentoring, modeling, evaluations, real-time coaching and practice.

Our Differentiators

The ILI brings together a mix of developmental opportunities exclusive to Impact. We pride ourselves on standing out from other employers with the unique qualities we present to our employees.

roactivity Proactivity

Departmental collaboration Departmental collaboration

Newness and growth Newness and growth

Self-developed and self-created Self-developed and self-created

Organic, crafted by Impact Organic, crafted by Impact

Changing, stretching and moving Changing, stretching and moving

Impact Leadership Institute: Foundations

This one-week course is a true one-of-a-kind platform for introducing employees to Impact.

Introduction to Impact

We realize how intimidating it can be to begin a new career, particularly one at a high-growth company. The Foundations course dedicates much of its first two days to sharing Impact’s history, our core values and a look into who we are, the industry we’re in, the products and services we provide and what we do; all presented by some of the company’s leaders and long-time employees.

Key Differentiators

Every employee is part of Impact’s success, and we make sure to take the time to discuss our three differentiators; our local go-to-market strategy, unique business model and winning culture, to familiarize new employees with the tools we use and the environment they’ll become a part of.


One of the most exciting parts of Foundations for new hires is the chance to meet and learn alongside other employees from different departments, branches and states. Not only does this serve as great exposure to potential opportunities and as a perfect time to network, but also reinforces our belief that titles don’t matter as much as work does. Everyone goes through the course side-by-side, is equal and can work together.

Sales Expertise

The last three days of Foundations are dedicated solely to our incoming sales employees. During this time, our training team goes more in-depth about Impact’s solutions and technology offerings and carves out time for core skill development. Through role-playing and competitions, new Account Managers get to practice using real-world scenarios that will prepare them for their time in the field.

I have a crystal-clear understanding of all the divisions of Impact, that would have otherwise taken months to acquire.


Since its launch in January of 2018, the Impact Leadership Institute has already marked many
milestones and successes across the organization.

Onboarded over 400 new hires.

Held Foundations in new offices in the West Coast and Midwest.

Supported the education of the expanding Sales team.

Developed around an increased need for IT and marketing.

Launched the BrainStorm change management platform.

Established three layers of support.

Hired team to create proprietary content for Account Managers.

Hosted onsite employee training with vendor partners.

Increased the employee retention rate.

What’s Next for the Impact Leadership Institute?

Creation of a robust content catalog and expanded course selection

Managed education for all departments at Impact

Continuation of fostering and developing internally

Providing clients with learning opportunities and best practices

Hosting outside professionals in Impact courses

Impact Enlightened – A weekend-long event with sectionals, development, leadership training and competition for Impact Sales staff