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Careers in Corporate Marketing

As the company expands to include more services and solutions and extends into new markets, our materials and digital marketing strategy need to evolve with us. Corporate marketing jobs at Impact involve constant updates and tasks such as creates new campaigns and collateral to reflect the evolving Impact brand.

All of our collateral, branding, digital, print and media efforts are created by our Corporate Marketing team. Not only do they represent Impact to the customer, but also to its employees. There are several opportunities open to a range of experiences.

Corporate Marketing Jobs at Impact

Corporate Marketing Creative Opportunities

Creative Roles

Designers, writers and videographers work with digital and print mediums to provide the Impact team with timely, relevant materials that will help us reach new and returning customers.

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Digital Strategy Roles

These digital strategy experts put their analytical skills to use through reports, campaign management and concepts for all of our projects.

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Brand Roles

We welcome big ideas. If you’ve worked events, have experience with promotions or internal engagement, we offer opportunities to engage and collaborate with clients and employees year-round.

Employee Spotlight

Make an Impact | Daniel Miranda

Daniel Miranda has been a Delivery Driver for Impact for 5 years, and hasn’t had a boring day yet! He takes us behind the scenes at the warehouse to show how the Distribution team prepares equipment for delivery, and shares how he works to make every Impact customer feel important.

Employee Spotlight

Make an Impact | Jessica McClain

Day-to-day relationships are a top priority at Impact, and it’s up to employees like Jessica McClain to keep them strong. As the Accounts Payable Lead with eight years of experience, Jessica is in constant contact with vendors and customers while ensuring that invoice and payment processes run smoothly. In her video, she talks about the importance of communicating with not just internal and external customers, but her own team in order to succeed.

Open Positions

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