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Make an Impact | Paige Boyden

One key aspect that makes Impact an industry leader is our emphasis on employee growth and development. For Paige Boyden, her transition from an entry-level sales rep to Senior Account Manager epitomizes the diligent work ethic of Impact’s employees. Check out a day in the life of Paige at Impact’s Madison office, where she continues to secure new accounts and motivates her team every day.

About Make an Impact

Make an Impact highlights professionals from all areas of the company as they go about their days. Each employee shares a look at their work, discusses the challenges they face and how they make a different for customers and coworkers. This video features Paige Boyden, Senior Account Manager in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Video Transcript

I like working at Impact because I enjoy the process of breaking into accounts and developing relationships with different types of business people. We work with a lot of different organizations and none of them are the same, which makes it exciting and challenging to come to work every day. 

I would say the culture at Impact makes it unique. It’s very much a work hard, play hard environment, and when you do get to succeed and reap the benefits of that success, you’re usually doing it at a great venue with great colleagues around. 

I would say that I bring a lot of new ideas to the company that haven’t been here before. It’s interesting to be an entry-level sales rep and then be promoted throughout the ranks over a short period of time. I think just using the skills and the strategy that I’ve developed and help my team develop has really brought an impact to my team here in Madison and I hope to bring that to sales team company wide. 

My name is Paige Boyden and I’m a Senior Account Manager at Impact.