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Managed Services
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USO Career Success Stories

See the career success stories of some Impact employees who started out working in our Unified Support Operations (USO) center and grew into all kinds of exciting new roles in the company. They exemplify how Impact prioritizes employee development, upskilling, and growth at all levels.

About the USO 

The Unified Support Operations center is the heart of Impact’s connection with our clients. It’s the hub from which we take calls and solve problems. The people who work in the USO are trained specialists with a full understanding of our equipment and technology and can help clients work through any issue they may have. 

Our tools allow us to remotely fix most problems on the spot. And whenever we can’t, a technician can be sent out same-day. No matter how the issue gets fixed, USO employees have the ability to go beyond standard customer service through their skillset, ongoing training, and expertise.

Career Success Stories at Impact 

Whether you start your Impact story in the USO or anywhere else at the company, as a member of the Impact family, you’ll benefit from our commitment to development and education. Every employee is given resources to learn and grow on the job, and the Impact Leadership Institute is designed to assist every member of the team as they build fruitful, exciting careers. 

Whether you prefer creative, technical, or analytical work, if you’re at the beginning of your career or reaching the peak, there are opportunities for you at Impact. Browse through our open positions and grow into a career that offers fulfillment and lifelong learning today. 

Explore Impact’s open positions to begin your career success story today!