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Success Starts with You | Working in B2B Sales

Creating and developing connections doesn’t always come easy in sales, particularly for those who are new to the business. Becoming an Account Manager takes a lot of grit, dedication and persistence. For interns, a B2B sales internship is the best way to build up those skills.

Find out how you can get the right attitude for self motivation in sales from Michael Giardina in our latest internship video. In it, he provides action items for getting out of your comfort zone, networking and getting comfortable selling in any situation.
He will answer the following questions:

Why are internships beneficial?
What should interns do throughout their internship?

About Success Starts with You

Get an inside look at Impact’s yearly internship program with videos featuring leaders who offer advice to new professionals in sales, IT, marketing and more.

This video features Michael Giardina, Sales Manager in Chicago, IL.

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Video Transcript

Internships are beneficial because it allows the student firsthand experience in a business-to-business sales environment. In observing our account managers and our specialists, as well as engaging in business conversations with our clients and prospects. 

One thing I think interns should do throughout their internship is, again, get outside their comfort zone. Prospecting is a huge part of what we do, and you have to be honest with yourself on whether a business-to-business sales role is something that you want to do as a career. Can you see yourself having fun and being rewarded through the type of grind that we put ourselves through as career salespeople? And again, you know, one thing I want the interns also to do, you know, is have fun with it. This is a unique experience. We have a lot of great people in our organization, and I think having fun and making friends and seeing what a family Impact is, is a unique experience and I hope that they find it beneficial and rewarding.