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Make an Impact | Randy Coughlin

Getting the right production print solutions to our customers for their unique business needs isn’t just an empty mantra; it’s what Production Print Specialists like Randy Coughlin do day-in and day-out. Join Randy as he gives you an insight into the process of putting together a customized package for clients and why it is so central to Impact’s approach.

Experts in Managed Print Services

Impact has been providing production print solutions to clients for over two decades. See more about what our team has been up to here:

Improving Business Outcomes by Rethinking Paper-Based Processes

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Video Transcript

A typical day for me is coming into the office. The sales reps will go out and they will find opportunities for us. And we go in and we start talking about how we can help, and finding out exactly what they’re currently doing, and going back to our portfolio of solutions and seeing how that will fit into a potential end case scenario for them. 

I like the amount of toys that I get to play with. I think we have the best production portfolio in the industry. Pretty much anything that has to do with production print we’re able to offer our customers. And seeing how those unique offerings fit with our different customers is a lot of fun. 

My name’s Randy Coughlin. I’m a Production Print Specialist at Impact.