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On the Job: vCIO

The vCIO Job Description, Explained

If you have the skillset of both an IT and a business professional, then you might consider marrying them into one job as a vCIO. Short for virtual Chief Information Officer, the vCIO is a bridge between an IT services provider and the business they’re partnered with. It’s their job to advocate for the client, and help inform the client what the best programs and practices would be to help their business grow.

Learn more about the job description of a vCIO by watching the video below. Members of Impact’s Managed IT and Talent Acquisition teams discuss what makes a successful vCIO, and what it’s like to live and grow in this career.

About On the Job

This careers-focused video series provides personal accounts of the opportunities for development and growth in each covered position at Impact. You can discover the skills one needs in all kinds of fields and how fulfilling they can be by watching all of our On the Job videos here.

Thank you to the following employees who took part in this episode:

James Walker, vCIO

Justin Montalvo, Talent Acquisition Manager

Saul Corwine, Director of MIT Service Delivery


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