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On the Job: Service Desk Technician

If you’re looking for a job that involves troubleshooting a range of issues, serving customers in need and developing technical IT skills, managed help desk services may be the place for you!


Watch this video to hear from some of Impact Help Desk’s analysts and managers. They break down some of the common job functions a technician in the world of managed IT services, and the challenges one can face in a customer service environment. You’ll find some great advice on navigating customer service levels and delivering positive call results in the toughest situations.



About On the Job

Impact employees with a variety of experiences and years of tenure give in-depth looks into different positions and departments. Learn about some of the roles, responsibilities, challenges and more of working at a fast-growing company.

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Thank you to the following employees for sharing their experience:

Dave Appel, Service Desk Manager

James Brown, Senior Help Desk Analyst

Daniel Benemerito, Help Desk Analyst

Justin Montalvo, Talent Acquisition Manager

The Impact Service Desk team, located in Lake Forest, IL

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Video Transcript

Impact really promotes great customer support. We are a service business. Any service desk is. The main goal is to provide quick answers to phones and quick responses. 

We are the front line for any one of our MIT clients. We handle the phone calls, we handle the emails they email in, we handle escalations to engineers. Hopefully we’re just the frontline defense. 

A good service desk technician needs to be able to adapt and change to any situation they’re presented. We deal with so many different clients in so many different facets of business that we have to be able to make sure that we stay fluid throughout our day so we could adjust on the fly. 

So this position is unique because you’re constantly learning something new every day. And the amount of work we put in doesn’t go unnoticed. It creates a positive work environment and encourages individuals and our team to grow. 

So what I look for in a service desk candidate is somebody that’s obviously got the technical acumen to be able to troubleshoot a lot of the issues that are gonna come through that service desk, but also the right personality. So this is a position where there was a heavy focus on customer service. 

We have a couple of drive areas that we really go for. The first would be CSL, which be our customer service level. That’s how fast phones were answered when a client actually calls in. 

You’ve got to be able to answer that phone any time that it rings, right, that’s the main goal, is to make sure that the customer is always being taken care of. So picking up that phone as soon as it rings, being able to troubleshoot whatever issue it is that comes about. They can keep a very technical concept very simple. So they break it down very easily for that customer, you know, they’re calling it. They think their world is ending. That service desk person has to be able to really go in there, break down that technical concept, make it very easy for them, show them empathy, and ultimately show them that their world is really not ending. 

At the end of the day, once we’re done having any interaction with any one of our clients, either email or phone, we always like to ask for that survey to make sure that we’re properly providing good customer service, as well as just representing what Impact is. 

What makes a good service desk candidate is somebody that really knows what they’re getting into. This isn’t just your standard help desk position, service desk position, that you’re getting into that you’re gonna be stuck in. You’re put on a promotional path right away. So when you come in and you understand that where you’re getting into is not really where you’re going to end up, that allows you to really take advantage of what Impact preaches and that’s that rapid career advancement. We’re gonna give you all the resources, all the tools, enable you to continue growing in your career. 

Allow yourself to learn in and out of the work environment. It’s okay to not know what you’re doing. You will always have a resource to kind of guide you and show you which way to go. 

It does take a lot of extra effort to make sure you don’t take things personally. Let things go. Don’t let them fester and ruin your day because we are only here to help the customers. And sometimes I think people lose sight of that, you know, and they kind of get frustrated. It’s not a job for everybody. But the best advice I would say is make sure you get in with the company that you like to work with and the people you work with, which only makes your job much, much more enjoyable.