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On the Job: MIT Business Development Specialist

Within the IT industry, there’s always a need for experts with a particular subset of skills. At managed service providers like Impact, the drive for sales extends to network solutions as well, making the role of business development specialist highly in-demand.


What does a business development specialist do? Watch the below video to find out. Members of Impact’s Managed IT and Talent Acquisition teams discuss the unique role that combines business acumen, sales skills and technical expertise.

About On the Job

Get firsthand accounts of what it’s like to work on the Impact team, and build your understanding about some of the skills required to have a successful career in a number of fields with this careers-focused video series.

Thank you to the following employees who took part in this episode:

Chad Adams, Business Development Specialist

Ray Santoro, Director of MIT Business Development

Justin Montalvo, Talent Acquisition Manager



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Business Development Specialists are just some of the many invaluable employees working at Impact’s growing number of locations. Check out more of our videos to get familiar with the rest of the team and learn more about the potential opportunities that could await you if you’re interested in working at Impact.


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