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On the Job: Account Managers

Find out why Impact Networking is the place to be for ambitious salespeople. Some of our Impact Account Managers and talent experts share the struggles and rewards of a high-paced sales career, and what makes Impact stand out as a sales organization.

Video Transcript: On the Job with Impact Account Managers

We are the quarterbacks of the Impact sales process. I look at us like elite athletes. So, we’re the driving force behind all the different areas that we sell into at Impact.

The main goal for an account manager is to essentially become the CEO of their own territory.

The prospecting we do is going to pay off three months down the road, so our goal on a daily basis is to fill our pipeline, and that’s through activities. And Impact has set some activity goals for us that are, you know, proven activity numbers that we need to hit in order to set assessments and first appointments and meet with clients.

We get in early, we kind of review our plan for the day, we confirm meetings, we do some prospecting early on, and then we’re out in the field meeting with customers, going on first appointments, conducting assessments, proposals, and then we’re back in the office to do some more prospecting and meet with our internal teams.

So, when you go to a lot of companies, people kind of just go through the motions, they want to sit back and become a number and hide, they want to just collect a paycheck, and people at Impact, they’re not like that.

At Impact, we don’t just sell the products, we implement and support those products, and we look to build long-term relationships and partnerships with our customers.

We want that person that’s looking to be successful, not just to be making money, but someone that’s going to be a great teammate.

I definitely look for, in an account manager, a lot of persistence, a lot of passion, not only for sales, but definitely for wanting to work at Impact, being competitive.

Someone that wants to be successful, someone that want to be better at what they’re doing and consistently striving to be the best.

Flexibility, you know, the ability to learn and absorb as much information as possible very quickly and be able to use it out in the field.

You know, a lot of the training and coaching that goes into this job is done on a daily basis. We’re constantly trying to grow the employees and make them better employees. By us investing back into them, it makes them a more valuable resource.

Impact’s a great company to work for, you can see all the videos, you can see all the different posts from people, and the people that work here thoroughly enjoy it, but I tell everyone we’re not quite for everyone.

Understand our company, come with, I would say, three to five, up to 10 questions depending on where you’re at in the interview process.

Our interview process also has what’s called a “Ride Day,” which is a really beneficial part of the process, it’s an eight-to-five shadow day where you’re experiencing, kind of, a day in the life of an account manager. I think that that’s the most beneficial part of the process, so just being open to the process.

Be ready to buy in to the Impact sales process, and it’s an Impact sales process that gets you out of your comfort zone. If you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone, the opportunities for growth, the opportunities for earnings are something that I don’t think you’ll find at a lot of other organizations.

You’re constantly meeting and reviewing and strategizing type deals, and helping to evolve the further education of the sales reps. That’s how we’ve grown, you know, 27 percent year over year for the last 20 years.