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Make an Impact | Cecilia Skurski

The Corporate Marketing team houses the experts who work to bring brand awareness, leads and more to the company. This involves creative services, internal communications, large-scale projects and more. How does the team keep all of these efforts on track?

Check out this Make an Impact with Cecilia Skurski, Manager of Creative Operations for the Corporate Marketing department. She provides details about how her role focuses on project management for the overall department, while she also oversees the growing video production team.

About Make an Impact

We celebrate the hard work, creativity and positivity that our employees bring to the workplace every day and want to share their talents! Each Make an Impact highlights a different member of the Impact team as they give insight into their day-to-day activities, the challenges and rewards that come with their work for the company.

This video features Cecilia Skurski, Manager of Creative Operations in Lake Forest, IL.

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Video Transcript 

My role is kind of two main parts right now. So I do a lot of project management for our marketing team, from websites, to case studies, to different kinds of collateral, as well as growing and staffing an in-house video team. 

What I love most about my specific role is that I do a lot of project management. That’s typically the majority of my day. But I am also still involved in that creative aspect, especially when it comes to video. So, being involved in that creative process with the video team is definitely a great experience. 

I think video marketing is important because it further touches on other marketing collateral. Ultimately, what we’re trying to do with video is to reach more potential customers and to get the engagement from the customer or potential customer that we’re looking for. 

My name is Cecilia Skurski, and I am the Manager of Creative Operations here at Impact.