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Make an Impact | Adam Graf

Custom business applications aren’t turnkey solutions. They have to be built by dedicated and talented Solutions Architects at Impact Networking. Adam Graf is one of those architects who works directly with clients to ensure that they get an end product that fits their exact needs.

Listen to Adam talk about what the day-to-day life of an Impact Networking Solutions Architect is like, what he finds most exciting and rewarding about the job, and how he works within a client’s needs today while creating an app that will meet their needs in the future.

About Make an Impact

At any tech company, there will be a wide number of positions that aren’t easy to figure out by job title alone. That’s where the “Make an Impact” video series comes in. It shines a light on talented Impact Networking employees, like Adam Graf; highlights the work they do; and explores all of the different types of opportunities that Impact offers.


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Interested in learning more about becoming a Solutions Architect or exploring other open positions at Impact? We’d love to hear from you! We have plenty of available resources for you about our careers, culture, and leadership if you’d like to explore, or you can just browse through our list of available positions today.