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Impact Networking Account Managers on Sales

National Salesperson Day is the perfect excuse for the Impact team to put the spotlight on the employees leading the charge in the field, on the phone and everywhere else: our Sales team. These professionals demonstrate many of the qualities all Impact employees demonstrate, including passion, grit and a desire to work hard.

Watch this video to hear from Impact Networking Account Managers of all job levels about their time at Impact, and their achievements, memories and goals as salespeople.

Thank you to the following employees featured in this video, and to all of the sales experts at Impact who lead the charge every day!:

Jon Antoniewicz, Senior Account Manager in Madison, WI
Vinnie Sapienza, Account Manager in Lake Forest, IL
Justin Walsh, Account Manager in Anaheim, CA
Chaela Krueger, Account Manager in Indianapolis, IN
Angie Plate, Senior Account Manager in Lake Forest, IL
Nicole Gardner, Associate Account Manager in Anaheim, CA
Shaun Hughes, Account Manager in Indianapolis, IN

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Do you have what it takes?
Challenge yourself amongst a growing team of leaders. Impact is full of opportunities for developing a long-term career in sales, guided by the expertise of experienced managers. View our current job openings and apply today.