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Managed Services
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Managed IT Training and Development at Impact

At Impact, training and development are core tenets of our company culture. We pride ourselves on providing all the educational resources necessary for everyone at our company to succeed and advance through their careers at Impact. 

One of those key areas is our Managed IT (MIT) training and development programs which help our seasoned IT vets and new hires develop and maintain an understanding of Impact as a whole, our technology, our processes, and what they need to do to be successful. In this program, MIT professionals will learn: 

  • How impact’s many IT roles and teams work together to finish projects, meet goals, and help clients 
  • How MIT works with Impact’s other departments and teams 
  • The learning and development resources available to them to continue learning and building their skillsets over time 

Learn More About Impact’s IT Training 

With strong, dedicated training like Impact’s MIT training programs, we can ensure everyone has the knowledge and tools they need to guarantee customer success and future career advancement. 

Watch the video below to hear Patrick Layton, VP of MIT at Impact, discuss the importance of this training and why Impact has invested so much in training and development for our MIT teams.  

Learn more about the culture of learning and development at Impact and explore MIT career opportunities on our careers page.