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Tips for How to Recruit a More Diverse Workforce

October hosts Global Diversity Awareness Month, a time to celebrate the positive ways diversity contributes to better workplace environments. At Impact, we’re always looking for new ways to foster those positive diversity mentalities amongst both new hires and tenured employees. This year, our HR and Talent Acquisition departments have focused on how to recruit a more diverse workforce. How have they been able to do so successfully?

Take a look at this video, which interviews not only those leading the charge in their departments, but employees who are helping to make a difference in the decision making around a comprehensive employee training plan focused on diversity and inclusion.

Thank you to the following employees for participating and helping to make Impact a welcome company for employees from all walks of life:

Cynthia Bennett, Vice President of Talent Acquisition

Mary Zellers, Director of Human Resources

Larry Cecilio, MITOps QA Engineer

Aaron Myint, Account Manager

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