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Tips for How to Recruit a More Diverse Workforce

October hosts Global Diversity Awareness Month, a time to celebrate the positive ways diversity contributes to better workplace environments. At Impact, we’re always looking for new ways to foster those positive diversity mentalities amongst both new hires and tenured employees. This year, our HR and Talent Acquisition departments have focused on how to recruit a more diverse workforce. How have they been able to do so successfully?

Take a look at this video, which interviews not only those leading the charge in their departments, but employees who are helping to make a difference in the decision making around a comprehensive employee training plan focused on diversity and inclusion.

Thank you to the following employees for participating and helping to make Impact a welcome company for employees from all walks of life:

Cynthia Bennett, Vice President of Talent Acquisition

Mary Zellers, Director of Human Resources

Larry Cecilio, MITOps QA Engineer

Aaron Myint, Account Manager

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DiversityJobs is a partner site which connects the Impact team with a diverse pool of job candidates. See what roles are available with our growing company today.

Video Transcript

There’s a lot of different reasons why businesses should consider having a more diverse workplace. The first one is going to be the ability to adapt. If you have a diverse workforce, that’s going to really accelerate the changes that are coming through. 

We decided to partner with Diversity Jobs to really increase our presence in the diversity talent pool. You know, we have employees at Impact that come from a variety of different types of lifestyles and backgrounds, and they’re great employees. So we wanted to do our part to make sure that we were reaching out to different communities like that to hopefully bring more employees in, you know, with similar backgrounds. 

And with diversity jobs, we really were able to find many platforms and job boards that focused on different, diverse candidate pools. And that gave us the opportunity to expand our recruiting efforts into diverse candidate pools as well as take strides forward as an organization to increase the diversity within Impact. 

In terms of being an engineer, you’re always looking at different perspectives and different viewpoints on attacking a problem. And the more diverse viewpoints you have, the better you are at finding viewpoints that may solve a problem, if you’re more diverse. 

Human Resources is really taking these strides to be the foundation for this platform of diversity and inclusivity initiatives in the workplace. With that, we’re hoping to get any and all employees involved and sort of house this as a place for employees to come and bring ideas, and resources, and suggestions of how we can move forward together as an organization. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Board is new to us, and nobody is an expert by any means, but the fact that you know we’re listening to our people and making changes shows that we’re taking steps to do things the right way. I decided to join that board because I wanted to help make a difference. 

The importance of the Diversity and Inclusion Board is that, you know, we’re moving the needle in the right direction to establish and integrate an accepting environment of all races, genders, and cultures. 

If you have a diverse work environment that is going to attract a more diverse candidate pool. When candidates are doing research and they see the types of employees that are working for your company, they’re gonna be more inclined to wanna work at a place where there’s people that have the same backgrounds as them and also different backgrounds as them. 

Impact is looking to bring in different candidates of all different races, genders, ethnic backgrounds, so on and so forth. We’re really looking for prideful, passionate professionals who are ready to make an impact every single day at the organization. Team players who are ready to put their voices forward, take the next step forward and really focus on making the workplace a better place each day.