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Cultural Diversity In Information Technology: Oakton College at Impact Networking

In the summer of 2021, Impact welcomed a group of tech students from Oakton College for a tour of our Lake Forest headquarters campus.

Impact’s recruitment process, which has been heavily informed by our Chief Diversity Officer, Bill Jacobs, as part of our efforts to create one of the most diverse workplaces in the industry, has evolved rapidly over the last year—this video demonstrates what we’re doing to make a difference as a leader in the IT space.

As Impact continues its strong growth in the managed services industry, it’s important for us to have a workforce that represents not just our values as a business, but also our ethos regarding our desire to be a truly local partner for the companies and communities we serve.

Impact has existing relationships with more than five colleges and universities around the country, and Oakton is just the latest in this group of partnerships as we look to expand our outreach among young people looking to enter the tech industry.

For more information about what it’s like to work at Impact, check out our Careers page and discover why we’ve been awarded a Top Workplaces 2021 honor by the Chicago Tribune’s Top Workplaces survey.


Full transcript:

Impact has a relationship with over five different

universities and colleges throughout the country

and our newest partnership is with

Oakton Community College. I decided

to tour Impact today because I felt

it was a great option to explore

after I got my certification. What

attracts me to the IT field

is the vast amount

of possibilities. So

it’s always something new to learn. The main

thing that the students are going to get out

of the visit and the tour is going to

be options. Impact can supply

me with a couple of different options

as to career. They’re really interested

in me as an employee. Students

can gain a lot from attending

a company tour. They’re able to experience

the culture and meet multiple different

individuals at Impact. It really surprised

me how the culture is here. I like it.

Impact is strong in diversity

and inclusion. We need a combination

of everybody to be involved together.

That’s what motivates students and that’s what

gets them excited and that’s what sells

an opportunity is the culture. A

good way for students to keep in touch with Impact

after attending a company tour is

to follow up, make sure that you’re reaching

out to your contacts and your recruiter

at Impact and conveying your interest

in Impact and having a career with us,

whether it’s for an internship or full time opportunity,

we want to start that relationship right away.