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Business Process Automation Tools | Careers Videos | Impact

Impact typically implements solutions internally before offering to customers so that we can fully understand the capabilities and development time—we don’t offer anything we don’t use ourselves. When identifying processes that can be automated, we look for those that are repetitive, rules-based, and can be broken down into a series of steps.

In 2017, we implemented robotic process automation in our contracts department. Amanda Slider, Contracts Manager, felt her team needed help with email management. With 90% of their emails coming in on two days of the month, it was increasingly difficult for her team to enter this data into the system quickly and accurately. As the human error rate rose, our Solutions Architect, Jon Evans, suggested they implement robotic process automation to automatically pull information from these emails and accurately enter them into the system without the need for any human intervention.

Now, in 2020, Amanda’s team has saved 83 hours of work or 6.5 months of a full-time administrator just doing data entry.

Hear more about this process from Amanda and Jon by filling out the form to watch the video below.

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When talking about building value with busines process automation tools, we break it down into hard and soft costs. For example, if an employee is no longer doing manual data entry, there are labor savings, but there is also the benefit associated with that employee having more time to perform tasks that offer your business operations more inherent value.

Stay competitive and grow your business with robotic process automation tools. Contact a specialist today to learn if process automation is right for your business!